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Without make up( outfit post)/ Bez šminke (odjevna objava)

I've always adored nautical prints, so when I saw this wonderful dress at Mana ,  it was a case of love at first sight. Pairing it with my white Peko sandals seemed like an obvious thing to do. I'm not so sure about the bag (gift from friends).  I do think this outfit would look more dressed up if it was paired with a more classical bag. That being said,  I really do like this tropical print on the bag and I guess I just like to bring in the element of unexpected. What else to say about this styling? Instead of a belt, I tied a colourful scarf around my waist and later on when the sun set (it was setting as these photographs were being taken) I used that scarf to cover my shoulders. Thank you for sweet comments about my drawing and the words I choose to accompany it. Often when I'm drawing or illustrating, the words just appear on their own but really they do tend to show what has been on my mind lately. Uvijek sam voljela nautične uzork