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Sometimes a smile is a decision / Osmijeh je ponekad odluka

There is little justice, if any, to be found on the face of the Earth. Injustice, however, is ever present. We witness it at every corner, we sense it with the very core of our being. Suffering is a norm not an exception. However, there is hope. I do believe that. Where there is love, there is hope....and love is a fact for me, as it is for anyone who has had it in its experience. There is no need for me to doubt that love is a reality to be experienced. There are people in this world who deserve our love and our admiration...and if nothing else, that's a good reason to live. It is good enough for me. It is reason enough to smile. In spite of everything. In spite of myself. Sometimes smile comes on its own and sometimes we must invite it. In this latter case, a smile is a decision. In our human language, perhaps it is best expressed with this sentence: 'I hope'. Malo je pravde, ako je uopće ima, na ovome svijetu. Nepravde pak ima posvuda. Vidimo je iza svakog ugla i os