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Outfit and painting of the day ( fairy tale) / Odjevna kombinacija i slika dana (bajka)

Fairy tales have always fascinated me.I supposed it could be told that both the 'fairy and the 'tale' in fairytale are equally interesting to me because these two aspects fascinate me  a great deal. The first aspect is the 'fairy' part and the second is the 'tale' part. Let's talk about the 'fairy' aspect. By that I mean the mythological or the fantasy aspect of fairy tales. Mythology is somewhat of a hobby of mine, I always loved researching it, for it teaches us not only to understand different cultures and people, but also how to make connections and see how all the nations and people have so much in common. If you spend enough time reading fairy tales, you'll find matching themes in all of them. There are myths that all cultures seem to share, for example the myth about the creation of world. Another aspect of fairy tales that I love has to do with storytelling. That would be the 'tale' in the 'fairy tale'. I always loved