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Pink and blue (outfit post)/ Roza i plava (odjevna kombinacija)

Who says we need to buy new clothes all the time? I certainly don't think we need to buy them in order to enjoy dressing up. Everything I'm wearing in this outfit, I've had for years. In fact, some of these clothing items date back to my childhood. I have this opinion that when we own a certain clothing item for a long time, we grow attached to it (at least that is the case with me) . Moreover, the mere fact of having had some item for a while makes (or it might make ) it more meanigful for us. In addition, it makes it easier for us to style it because we know it so well. What do you think about this theory of mine? Naturally, we have to buy new clothes eventually because they old ones won't last forever. Naturally, there is nothing wrong in buying new clothes and enjoying the process. Nevertheless, in this world of consumerism it is a nice when someone takes cares of a certain item and wants to preserve it. Such attachments to clothes may be called sentimantal, but t