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Sights to see, places to visit / Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti -----Goranci

My Sights to see, places to visit feature would surely be missing something if I didn't include this little village Goranci in the list of places to visit. This charming little village is situated in the vicinity of Mostar.  I love to go there to espace the city heat.  If you are into cycling, you'd be happy to hear that you can rent a bike for free. You just need to leave your ID in the restaurant Goranci and you can take the bike. There is a wonderful cycling and pedestrian walk so be sure to check it out. As of recently, there is also a beautiful park at your disposal. This park is growing daily as new things are added to it(toys for kids and that sorts of stuff). If you look closely, you'll be able to see that some decorative trees are still being planted at the enterance to this park.  You can read some of my previous posts about this village here , here and here . Moja rubrika Znamenitosti za vidjeti, Mjesta za posjetiti ne bih bila potpuna bez Goranaca, malog