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My meditation upon winter trends 2012/2013

 Shiny colours (and materials) There is no question whether vibrant colours are an eye- catcher. The question is... Will you incorporate them in your own personal style? Well, I guess as with every trend you should see if and how much it works for you. Naturally, if you have a more toned down style you can always opt for colourful accessories.   Skirt+ trousers Wearing pants and skirts simultaneously? What do you think about this trend? I think it can look good but you have to be careful how you go about it…However, if you like to experiment forget about caution and use this trend to be as original as always. The East Designers dream Oriental dreams, why shouldn't you? Wear that belt! It seems we started to wear belts over just about anything! If you ask me, it was right about time! What makes you more feminine than the emphasis being put on your waist? --- rediscover 'em again:)! Decorative heels I love them, but I think it is important that yo