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Outfit of the day / Današnja odjevna kombinacija

The angel wings and the pattern on the jeans I have painted myself (with textile paints). The necklace is my own creation and  to those who follow me (on more or less regular basis)- nothing new. The booties and the bag are old friends as well.  Nothing new, but in a way everything is new. The clothes we wear are never the same for they are a materialization of our intentions, desires and plans- be it subconcious or conscious ones. Sometimes getting dress is an uneasy compromise, sometimes a comfortable and delightful experience. Never just clothes as such. Nevetheless, always different, never quite the same, like ourselves... Anđelova krila na mom kaputu nacrtala sam sama s tekstilnim bojama ,kao i uzorak na trapericama. Ogrlica je moja vlastita kreacija i onima koji me prate, više ili manje redovito, nije zapravo ništa novo, kao ni cipele i torba. Ništa novo, ali na neki način sve novo... Odjeća je zapravo nešto drugo svaki put kada je obučemo. Materij