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A prom dress

I remember my prom quite well, despite the fact that it was a decade ago (literally a decade). The way prom was organized in my school and in most of the high schools here is that we would chose one of our classmates to be our 'date.' Boys being more numerous than girls in my high school, they would usually end up with two dates. Well, I always thought it was silly that people must have a date to go to a prom. That's why I'm happy that where I'm from we don't really do that 'date' thing. A date is just a friend you walk into the ballroom with and once the prom is over at about 2 or 3 am, we all go clubbing together. All in all,  my prom night was a quite pleasant evening and I remember it fondly. Being very pleased with the dress I wore certainly made the night more enjoyable. My dress was long and I felt very glamours in it. I think that the question that most girls ask themselves is what length should their prom dress be. What colour is also a fre