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How to make a collar necklace? / Kako napraviti ogrlicu u obliku ovratnika?

ENGLISH: For this DIY you will need: 1. fabric (in this case black) 2.  catalog kind of paper 3. needle and thread (preferably in different colours) 4. one button 5.elastic band 6.  safety pin (you will only need safety pin if the elastic proves to be too short as has happened to me) I didn't take photographs while I was making this necklace simply having been a spur of the moment thing (and  my first time doing it) so I cannot show you photos of the making process yet. What I can do,  however, is describe the process in a few easy steps and hopefully photographs will not be necessary. Step No.1. Cutting out the shape you want What I have done is used a Vichy catalog (but any kind of thick paper should do the trick, the important thing is that it is water proof and bendable... and not too thick because you will need to sew trough it) in semi circles. Then I have used that paper cut out to cut out the black fabric in the same shape and size.