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White and blue / Bijela i plava

I love rereading books. Why? Perhaps because I know I will probably like them (once again). That certainty  (or high probability) makes them as precious as old friends. Furthermore, just like with old friends, we can always find something new and wonderful in them. If we keep our eyes open, we are bound to find something new to admire and love. What have I been rereading lately? I've been rereading Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad for the third time. That's what I've been doing with my free time lately. Once again, I found myself mesmerized by the descriptions of the sea. This writer is so good at capturing the spirit and the essence of the sea. Despite the fact that I was never a mariner, I can relate with his thoughts about the sea. Naturally, this novel is quite profound and not merely a collection of description but I won't get into that just now. Today I'm sharing photographs that I took on one ferry ride from Split to Starigrad. I don't know what it is about bei