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Fashion illustrations of the day- a touch of red goes a long way vs. all red styling (How to wear red accents vs. how to wear an all red outfit?)

How to style red accents? If you want to play it safe, you can always pair red accents with a monochrome or black and white combinations. If you feel a bit more bold, why not wear them with something a bit more colourful? Today I have prepared two fashion illustrations for you (both drawn with coloured pencils in case anyone is wondering about the medium) that are all about red accessories. In addition, I prepared two illustrations that are all about putting together an all red outfit, but first things first. If you ask me, a touch of red always goes a long way. As I said, today I'm sharing two fashion illustrations that are dominated by red details. I would definitely say that the red heels are the eye-catcher in this first (illustrated) outfit I'm sharing. What is more gorgeous than seeing heels paired with a coat in winter time? However, I do love to see coats paired with flats as well. Maybe I just love coats. On second thought, maybe I just love fashion. Yup, t