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Outfit of the day / Odjevna kombinacija dana

  necklace/ogrlica: DIY, boots/čizme: Peko 'You're my angel and my damnation; in your presence I reach divine ecstasy and in your absence I descend to hell.' Isabel Allende, Daughter of Fortune "Ti si moj anđeo i moje prokletstvo; u tvom prisustvu podižem se do božanske ekstaze, a kada te nema spuštam se u pakao. " Isabel Allende, Kći Sreće Today I found myself immersed in Allende 's novel Daugher of Fortune . However, this particular place made me think of another novel, Fevre Dream , one of my recent favourites. I wondered what it would be like to sail a river when it rains and the water lever raises.... Is it like the river pilots in the above stated novel explain, a matter of experience, of learning the river inch by inch? With time I realized that rivers have a beauty of their own, unlike that of the sea, but a beauty nevertheless and one of equal power. I suggested picnic on this spot (featu