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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. How are you doing? My life lately has been a mix of sad and happy news.  That's just life. Today we'll have a walk in vicinity of Mostar city. First we'll stop by restaurant Ruža that has a sentimental meaning for us.  After all, we'll go for a stroll at Bunica river. You know how much I love Buna recreational area, don't you? My outfit is all about being feminine an girly while staying comfortable. Who says you cannot be smart and comfortable at the same time?  THE STORY OF MY OUTFIT- HOW I WORE THESE ITEMS BEFORE?  Once again I shopped my closet. You can see how I wore this white A-line dress before here ,   here , here  , here,  and here . I think I have worn this dress at least a dozen times so far. A-line dresses are so practical for warm weather. They can be so elegant and chic but at the same time so comfortable. I think I'll hit 30 wears with this dress in no time. Now, when it comes to this navy flared jacket you