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Summer To Autumn Transition: Why Do We Like It So Much?

Autumn is a season that inspires many, and fashion world is no exception. I suppose there are many factors why Autumn is so popular with fashionistas. There is always that excitement about the start of something new. True, this is present when it comes to other seasons, but there seems to be something special about Autumn. Coming back to school vibes, the start of the new academic year, exciting fashion weeks and new work projects. It seems there is a lot to look forward to as Autumn arrives to our doorsteps. A lot of people welcome Autumn with sincere joy, and fashionistas are no exception. Have you ever noticed that? Have you wondered why that is so?  Is it the fact that we feel refreshed by the summer? Is it because sun exposure gave us enough vitamin D? Is it because we're excited about coming back from our holidays?  Vacations are fun, but a lot of people feel honestly happy to be back to their daily lives. Is it about the fact that Autumn fashion is simply fun? It is eas