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Once upon a time....

a   Long long time ago, in a far away galaxy I used to be blond...and I used to have a wonderful tan...Speaking of the devil, today I realized that I have lost my summer tan (kind of late for that but I do live in Mediterranean)...  While browsing some old photos I remembered a perfect one day trip to the most unique island in the Adriatic. The shirt I'm wearing on this photos I painted (with fabric colours) long time ago. I bought it in Benetton I think and the jacket as well....and here is my word of advice: You need to have a business suit in your closet no matter how young/old you are. It will always come in handy, trust me:)

Faux fur

What to say about fake fur? I've always loved it. For me fur (or in my case faux fur) epitomizes glamour. Perhaps it satisfies a part of me that craves for wilderness or wishes it was a wild animal. In any case, it is warm, practical and not expensive.  What do you think? Why do we love it? Is it somehow a call of the wild?                                   Što reći o lažnom krznu, uvijek sam ga voljela, jer za mene krzno (u mom slučaju lažno ) je glamur....Što vi mislite zašto ga volimo, je li to nekakav zov prirode? .. ovo mi je "krzno" kupila mama za prošli Božić u trgovini tekstila sve na meni ovdje je poklon osim broša kojeg sam sama napravila ovo je malo starija fotka, krzno isto poklon What to say that has not been said before....Fur has been popular since....forever I guess:)perhaps it is even the first fashion statement:)

volim plavu boju!

u duhu toplijih temperatura, evo jedan lijepi plavi džemper koji sam dobila za pokon sunčane Police džemper neki od dućana iz City 1 Split sunknja poklon cipele poklon torba Borsa lokacija Buna pored Mostara