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3 Ways To Wear a Cap : Styling a Maxi Dress With a Brown Blazer

Do you plan our outfits in advance? In this case, I did. I thought about this combo for a while and it was something I really wanted to wear. This vintage maxi dress was a gift and that makes it even more meaningful. Interestingly, the same was the case with this vintage blazer. Anyhow, I wanted to wear this blazer with this maxi dress because I thought these two items would look cute together. I think that the hypothesis proved more and less correct. Now, the next thing to think about were the accessories. When the mini bag trend appeared this Spring, I was pretty excited about it because I love small bags. Take it from someone who has scoliosis, mini bags can be a life saviour. Long story short, I decided to wear this gold mini bag with this outfit. I figured that it won't stand out too much against the brown and the black tones of this look. When it comes to footwear, I decided to opt for sock boots with chunky heels because I have a soft spot for ugly shoes. Then I decided