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Book review (Daughters of Fortune) / Ogled knjige (Bogate nasljednice)

A few weeks ago I read  Daughters of Fortune  by Tara Hyland (her site  here ). My opinions about this novel are divided. I can't say I disliked it, but I found it lacking. However, compared with similar novels, it is actually pretty good. The novel is badly written, but its story has definite potential. Moreover, it is very fast paced which is essentially what keeps it from being boring.  Descriptions of characters are terrible, they seem to be inserted by force, but characters themselves are potentially very intriguing, especially the leading ladies. What a shame that the stereotypes almost reduce them to caricatures at times.  Fortunately, only at times. The characters do develop with time in a way that is quite realistic. The protagonists of this novel are three sisters that are very different one from another and this is something Tara handled quite well.  What is more, as the novel develops, the character developments can be felt in the protagonists and that is something I q