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human trafficking

Today is the international day against human trafficking and there are a few things I want to say about that. I don't have the time to take my pic with the heart sign or anything like that as I'm right now in the process of packing. Anyhow, I think that what I'm about to say is as a good way of paying tribute to this day as any other. You see, this is subject I have often thought about and I still often think about. The issue of slavery and its occurrence trough history has been something of a obsession of mine. I've literally spend years of my life thinking about colonialism and slavery and basically about the way it has influenced the world we live in. I won't get into colonialism or post colonialism right now, but let's say that this is a matter I have given great though. However, as it usually happens with me, not only did it take some time for the things to fall into place and rearrange themselves in this mind of mine but I need a piece of literature to

Another DIY statement necklace (outfit post)/ još jedna moja upečatljiva oglica (odjevna kombinacija)

Unedited photos. Summer. Genuine smile on my face. Split. One day and numerous errands but still enough time for happiness.  Nedorađene fotografije. Ljeto. Iskreni osmijeh na mome licu. Split. Jedan dan i puno obaveza, ali ipak dovoljno vremena za sreću. 

Two potraits/ Dva portreta

blue and red plava i crvena Tuga Sadness These two ladies were painted in a hurry on an ordinary A4 sheet of paper with whatever was left of my oil paints after I had completed one canvas. I ended up really liking them so I glued them on my closet. The  one with the red eyebrows reminds me of Inari, though I'm not sure was that my intention...The other one is my nephew's favourite. *I have no original excuse for my absence for the last few days, I was without internet connection. Anyhow, I think there will be a change of pace with my blog and that I will be posting weekly, not daily as I used to.  Ove dvije dame naslikala sam u žurbi na običnom A4 papiru s onim od uljanjih boja što mi je ostalo nakon što sam završila jedno platno. Na kraju su mi se obje svidjele pa sam ih zaljepila na ormar. Ona sa crvenim obrvama podsjeća me na Inari, iako nisam sigurna da mi je to bila namjera. Druga je omiljena mome nećaku. * Bila sam bez internetske veze, pa

all vintage outfit/ vintage odjevna kombinacija

vodene boje, bojice/ water colours and coloured pencils lavendar/ levanda My neighbourhood/ moj kvart old work/ stari rad fairies inspire me in many ways,  guess that is what happens to those raised on  Ivana Brlić Mažuranić's  works.  / Vile me uvijek nadahnjuju, valjda se to događa onima koji su se odgojili na djelima Ivane Brlić Mažuranić. cropped shirt/ kraća košulja and floral print skirt ( I prefer to wear cropped tops (or like in this case shirt) with high rise pants/skirts. Odrezane ili kraće majice/ košulje draže mi je nositi sa hlačama ili suknjom visokog struka) my flowers (that seems to match the colour of my skirt)/ moje cvijeće (koje se nekako slaže s mojom suknjom) shirt: vintage, skirt: vintage, shoes: Peko, bag: no name, sunnies:DM I don't plan outfits posts anymore but if it happens that I do end up with some pics, I'll post them.  I love this floral skirt, it's vintage ( I love all things vintage) and I got it fr

green polka dots tunics (fashion illustration)/ zelena tunika na točkice (modna ilustracija)

There is no direct correlation between my fashion illustration and my outfit. I don't find the idea of sketching myself particularly interesting just now. One can always find some linking points, though. Both are oversize and comfy summer looks. My sneakers also happen to be green and with polka dots, so there's something. The romper is really old, my mum wore it when she was pregnant with me and find it to very comfy and comfortable on these hot summer days. Nema neke posebne poveznice između moje odjevne kombinacije i modne ilustracije. Nešto mi i nije prezanimljivo skicirati sebe u ovom trenutku. Uvijek se mogu pronaći neke dodirne točke, kao naprimjer to što su oboje komodne (udobne) ljetne kombinacije. Moje tenisice su zelene i sa velikim točkama, pa eto još nešto. Ovaj kombinezonić je jako star, mama ga je nosila dok je bila trudna sa mnom, a meni se čini da je baš udoban  i praktičan za ove vruće ljetne dane.

3 portraits (oil paints) / tri portreta (uljane boje)

awake/ budna memories/ sjećanja wisdom/ mudrost Here are the final three portraits from that productive evening I've told you about. I've made several new ones, but I'm not sure when I will post them. I haven't been feeling well lately and I think I'll take a little break from blogging. Evo zadnja tri portreta koja su nastala te jedne produktivne večeri o kojoj sam vam govorila. Napravila sam nekoliko novih, ali nisam sigurna kada ću ih objaviti. Ne osjećam se baš najbolje u zadnje vrijeme i mislim da ću malo pauzirati sa blogom.

fashion illustration (Jelsa)/ modna ilustracija (Jelsa)

Jelsa, otok Hvar summer/ ljeto kemijska i vodene boke water colours and pen

Rusalka (oil paints)/ (uljane boje)

Rusalka uljane boje na papiru oil paints on paper

uljane boje (Anđeli s neba nježnim rukama...)/ oil paints (Angels from the sky with gentle hands...)

'Angels from the sky with gentle hands,  are lowering frozen starts on the ground, taking great care not to awake my precious.'                                                                line from a poem by Dragutin Tadijanović This angel came to be the same evening (night) when I've painted a blue lady and lots of other portraits. It was a productive evening/night. The lines I have opened this post with are that of a well know  poem  from Croatian literature... Late into the night, into the white winter  night  is a poem that speaks of a mother (perhaps my personal favourite as poems dedicated to mothers go) that weaves late into the winter night...My warm summer nights seem much more pleasant though perhaps they're just as restless and in some ways just as calm. (If you want to read my translation of the poem scroll down) Ovaj anđeo je nastao iste večeri (noći) kada i Plava dama i cijela serija portreta. Bila je to stvaralačka veče

Share in style: denim

Today I'm joining in Share - in - style and if you want to do join in, go here . Danas se pridružujem blogerskom stilskom usklađivanju, a ako vi to želite otiđite tu . I don't publish my outfits posts that often anymore, but I wanted to join this share in style, so this would be it. Jeans with a bit of DIY (painted abstract pattern) that I've worn many times would be the denim element in this outfit. I actually got them from some kid that grew out of them. Despite being a bit over 5.9 ft tall (5.9 1/2 I think) I sometimes almost feel short for Slavic standards. I actually know a ton of girls and women who are a lot taller than me and I think it's fabulous ( though I'm sure that buying clothes isn't easy for them). Ne objavljujem više često odjevne kombinacije, ali htjela sam se pridružiti ovom stilskom druženju. Traperice sa naslikanim abstraktnim uzorkom (malo uradi sam štiha) ispunjavaju temu koja je denim. Ne znam jesam li to spomenula, ali ove trape

DIY necklace in 3 easy steps/ uradi sam ogrlica u tri lagana koraka

Happy Sunday! Today's post won't be very long as I'm going to show you one necklace that I've made recently and already gave it away. I took this pics in a hurry (they're not very interesting and arty I'm afraid). Anyway, I'll try to make it a habit to document my creations before they end up as gifts.  If you want to try this DIY yourself, you will need: faux leather, some kind of decoration (I've bought these shiny plastic ones in store where they sell sewing equipment and I'm sure they're not hard to find wherever you may live) and a bit of satin cord.  step no.1 -cut out as much faux leather as you will need step no.2 -sew the decoration of  your choice (beads, stones, crystals- whatever) step no.3  -sew the satin cord making sure it is the right length for your neck....and it's really as easy as that! * I think it's only fair that I warm you that you might experience pain or some kind of discomfort in your arms