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Throwback to last Summer....DIY necklace and embroidery (outfit post, ethno village Herceg) / Prošloga ljeta....ogrlica koju sam izradila i vez( odjevna kombinacija i etno selo Herceg)

Welcome to sunny Herzegovina! Lately I've been thinking about taking up embroidery again. Seeing this dress made me realize that I miss it. Embroidery has always had a special attraction to me, both as a craft and as a form of art. Not only do I love embroided clothing items, I like making them. However, I must admit that I don't find embroidery easy. It is very hard work, but maybe that is what makes it so special. It's been a while since I created a new necklace as well. Sometimes life just doesn't leave us space for our hobbies and we must wait patiently for that window of opportunity that will allow us to take up our old hobies.  Once again, the location for my shooting is ethno village Herceg ( here ). These photographs were taken last year, but  because this place was featured on my blog a number of times, I wasn't in a hurry to post them. I try not to repeat locations too frequently, but naturally they are bound to be limited because I don't travel f