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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you? Today I'll show you twenty ways to wear a pair of heeled white sandals. You know I'm into sustainable fashion and one of the best ways to be more green is to make the most out of our closet. Anyhow, I purchased these white leather sandals with wood heels back in 2016. I was attracted to this pair immediately. What impressed me in particular was the unique heel design.  I got a lot of wear of this white pair. I always enjoy wearing these sandals because they are not only chic but also surprisingly comfortable. However, when one of the clasps broke, I retired these sandals. This summer I found them in my closet and decided to fix them and make them a part of my outfits again. I wore them quite a few times this summer already and I already have plans for incorporating them in my Autumn looks by layering them with socks, stockings and tights. Scroll down to see how I wore them this summer as well as to see some of my older styli


Krka National Park is a vast protected natural area located near Šibenik town. It covers a natural area of 109 km². Encompassing the most stunning sections of beautiful Krka river, this national park has a lot to offer. Krka national park is a wonderfully preserved natural area of exceptional ecological value. The ecosystems of Krka river are fully preserved here.  This natural park is open for tourist visits and is quite a popular destination.  I have first visited it as a kid, on an organized school trip and I remember being mesmerized by its beauty. This summer I visited it with my significant other. Scroll down to see  and read more. We arrived to Krka in the morning hours (but not too early, I remember that it was already hot). We bought the tickets, hiked down to the river and then we saw the museum and the stone houses, had a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants, took some photos and agreed on where to go. I wanted us to hike the park following the pathway so we did that and


 According to the calendar, the summer has officially ended (Well, not really. I was corrected by Sheila , when I was writing this post there was still a week of summer ahead). As happy I am that Autumn is (almost) here, I'm still not ready to let summer go. I'm looking forward to Autumn season and I'm really happy and excited about the whole #backtoschool thing. Seriously, isn't it wonderful that the school has finally started?  However, at the same time, I want the summer feeling to linger. I want to keep onto those summer vibes. Do you sometimes feel like that? I plan to continue to travel locally whenever I can. If you're sorry to see summer go, remember there are always ways to keep summer with you. For example, you can try to incorporate some of your summer or vacation habits into your daily routine: go swimming at a local pool if you don't have sea near you and etc. If you saved your vacation time for now, lucky you. I honestly think this is best time to