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A girl with an owl (pencil sketch) / Djevojka sa sovom (skica olovkom)

 The story of sketch is (kind of) interesting. I'm saying kind of because it may not be of any interest to you, but I'm going to tell the story it anyway. Originally I just drew the owl (for practice and for fun because I love owls), but somehow the drawing looked empty. I fixed that by adding in a woman. I remember watching a documentary on Croatian TV that said that in middle ages, women were the best when it came to hunting with falcons. So, maybe they kept owls, too? It is just a quick drawing really, but I like it. I might make a painting out of it someday. Which makes me think of something....Margaret Atwood. I know I mentioned Margaret Atwood and her novel   Cat’s Eye   about hundred times on this blog, but I will do it again (and if you really know me it won’t surprise you). The protagonist of this novel is Elaine, a painter who paints women. When one young female journalist assumes (during an interview) that she paints women because she is feminist, Elaine get