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How to make a DIY poncho? Kako sam napraviti pončo?

This is my first official visit to Buna this Autumn, but hopefully it is not my last one. I went there this Saturday, to relax after a rather hectic week. We were fortunate enough to be graced with sunny weather. After a rather gloom and rainy morning, the sun unexpectedly came out just as we arrived there. This was a nice surprise and it basically meant that we could hike to heart's content, which we did.  We spotted a few interesting birds but I'm not sure about their names, I'll have to check it out, all I can say is that I haven't seen them before. Anyhow, for this trip I had worn a rather warm puffer, but after seeing the sun is there to stay, I ditched the puffer and wore this DIY poncho instead....and that brings us to the topic of today's post.  How to make a DIY poncho?  The simplest way is to buy a tablecloth and cut the opening for your head. It is the easiest way to go about it. I added a bit of colourful cord around the opening, just to make