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Is Marjan hill worth the hike? Je li Marjan vrijedan malo penjanja?

Is Marjan  hill worth the hike? It sure it. Moreover, if you ask me it is also worth the hype. In a recent post (read it here ), I provided you with a google map link and explained to you how to get to the point where you can enjoy the best view of the city  (and while you are at it, why not discover an old church that is located only 200 meters from it?) Today I will do something even better. I will show you how to get there. Our starting point is the city centre i.e. the famous promenade known locally as 'riva'. From there we will climb to vidilica ( that is the first resting point with  the best view of Split city IMO) and then to the old church I told you about. Finally, we will  climb down to sea level. Shall we take a walk together? Je li Marjan vrijedan malo penjanja? Svakako, a ako mene pitate s razlogom je i  na tako dobru glasu. U nedavnoj objavi (pročitajte je ovdje ), dala sam vam poveznicu na google kartu i objasnila kako doći do najboljeg pogleda u gradu ( a