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I do love a good pair of flare or bell bottom jeans. They are definitely one of my favourite  jeans  styles. I even illustrate them pretty often. It's not just flared sleeves that I love, I have a weak spot for flared pants as well. Today's outfit proposal is all about casual vibes. It's also about shopping one's closet. The pastel green blazer I'm wearing is vintage and I had it for as long as I can remember. The white shirt was hand made by a lovely lady who makes Croatian traditional folklore garnets. These jeans I had for a few years and they are from a low cost Italian brand Piazza Italia. They are not the best fit around the waist (perhaps they are a size too big for me), but they are very comfortable. My green ankle boots are from Peko, a brand I'm not exists any more. The leather bag was a gift. That's my outfit proposal of the day. If you want to wear your flared blue jeans in a comfy way, I suggest paired them with a white linen shirt and a paste