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t-shirt dress (outfit post)/ majica haljina (odjevna kombinacija)

I don't have a t-shirt dress in my closet but I found a way to fix that...Moreover, it is  a way that doesn't involves shopping. Imagine that! I just wore a t-shirt over an old dress. You can do this two ways, by keeping the t-shirt the way it was or by tying it in a knot. I styled it both ways in these photographs. What do you say about it? Yes or no? Would you wore a tee like this? The photographs were taken last week in Split city (Trstenik and Zenta to be more precise). You can google these locations it if you want to find out more. This is another no make up, no hairdo post, but since it is practically Summer, that is in some way quite appropriate. It's not that I don't like make up, I'm just having a hard time finding the time to apply it. Any time managements tips, anyone? (Preferably one that doesn't include getting up at 5 am or something like that) Nemam majicu haljinu