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This morning while I was browsing   Pinterest , I came across a fuchsia runway look that made me think. The look in question was a gorgeous fuchsia sequin dress (  look 25 from Cristian Cowan Spring 2020 Resort Collection ).  I believe this is the first look by this designer  that really caught my eye, I wasn't familiar with this brand before. Anyhow, I remembered that I have a puffed sleeved fuchsia  mini dress in my closet as well. Mine is not sequin like Cowan's creation, but it does have some similarities with it. Seeing that photograph made me realize that I have recently illustrated similar pink dress looks using Paint 3D to edit my fashion illustrations. Suddenly I wanted to do this post where I would show you five ways to style a fuchsia puffed sleeve mini dress as well as my new fashion illustration. That's what I will be sharing with you today so scroll down to see more.  USING PAINT 3D TO EDIT MY FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS: MY EXPERIENCES Last Friday I s