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I don't wear jeans that often, but when I do, I make sure I wear a pair that makes me feel like a rock star. I'm of an opinion that relying too much on jeans can make our style a bit predictive and dull. That being said, jeans are definitely classic for a reason and I love wearing them (just not on every day basis). This outfit is pretty simple, but that's the beauty of jeans. Sometimes all you need is the right pair of jeans and you're ready to take on the world...and what is better than a pair of vintage jeans? There is definitely a soft spot in my heart for vintage pieces. Take a look here to see some of my favourite pairs of vintage jeans.   In fact, when I choose jeans I often choose a vintage pair.  THE STORY OF AN OUTFIT THE NECKLACE I actually made this choker necklace myself. Fun fact: it glows in the dark. I made it many years ago when I was really into making necklaces. These days I only make them occasionally, but I haven't given up necklac