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Fashion illustration of the day / Modna ilustracija dana (bikini)

It is certainly not too early to start thinking about beachwear. Spring will be here before we know it. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already had the chance of seeing this illustration. This olive bikini I illustrated is from Lucy Bea, an  independent designer from USA (check out her site here ). She has some cute designs on her page. This fashion illustration was my entry for a giveaway. This was the first time I entered a giveaway of this kind, it was fun. Anyway, the medium is watercolour on paper. Sorry for the quality of images, the lighting conditions haven't been that great, you know rainy days.... That's all for today. Have a lovely weekend! Svakako nije prerano da počnemo razmišljati o kupaćima. Proljeće će stići ovdje prije nego što se snađemo. Oni od vas koji me prate na Instagramu su već imali priliku vidjeti ovu ilustraciju. Ovaj maslinasti bikini koji sam ilustrirala je od neovisne američke dizajnerice  Lucy Bea (njena stranica ovdje ). Ima

Painting of the day (choker necklace) / Slika dana (ogrlica uz vrat)

EN  Accessories are important. Do you agree? What are your favourite accessories? How do you feel about the choker necklace trend? Do you think it will soon end or will it stay for a while more? Or perhaps evolve into something else? Sometimes fashion is less about drastic changes and more about one clothing item evolving into something else. Why do we have trends at all? Probably to bring in a bit of change in our life. Sometimes I wonder whether it is really our need for a change (i.e. for spicing things up) or is just our nature to reflect change that is always present in the world? Trends are by no means limited to fashion. There are furniture trends, literary trends, music trends,  photography trends etc. Sometimes it is quite easy to connect these trends with certain historical or political events, but sometimes things are a bit more complex. Moreover, once in a while there is something wonderfully mysterious and refreshing about trends. At times it is really about some indi