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Fashion illustrations of the day (red lip) / Modne ilustracije dana (crvene usne)

One evening, two fashion illustrations. I didn't use any reference. It was just me and my imagination.  You know, I'm not even sure if it is one girl or two of them. It was only after I had painted them, that I noticed that these two faces are quite similar. Perhaps it is the same girl? These two illustrations have another thing in common. Both of these girls are wearing a red lipstick- or is it one girl  wearing a red lipstick with two different outfits? Either way, it is all about the red lip. Never underestimate the power of a red lipstick.  The first outfit is a combination of a purple sheer blouse with flare sleeves and blue jeans. The bag she is wearing is a clutch. A cute outfit, perhaps not suitable for this kind of weather but with a very warm coat and an additional layer of clothing it could work just fine. Layering, layering, layering- it is still all about layering. The second outfit is a similar combination, just the top is red in this case. Alright, you can&#