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 Hello and welcome to the 17th post in the category: TRAVEL WITH MY ART.   This is a regular feature on my blog where I share my paintings and illustrations of different destinations and locations. I tend to illustrate and paint places I visited and photographed myself, but sometimes they are exceptions, for example when I paint those places I want to visit. Generally speaking, I illustrate places I know well and I use my own photographs as a reference for these paintings.  As the title TRAVEL WITH MY ART would imply, I started this series on my blog in order to share places I love with all of you. It's basically a way to take you places with the help of my art (paintings and photographs). Sharing photographs is a wonderful thing, but since I'm now kind of a painter as well, it makes sense to create and share more art.  So, what will I be sharing today? If you guessed another seascape, you're right. I simply love painting the sea and the coast. Croatian seaside is a great i