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a DIY necklace and a dresslink dress (outfit post) / ogrlica koju sam napravila i haljina s dresslink stranice (odjevna objava)

When Dresslink offered me to pick something from their site, without much thinking I've decided to opt for a dress. It is Summer, the temperatures are high and I wanted something I can be comfortable in. While I was browsing their site, this dress caught my eye. You know how much I love prints. For a while now, I wanted to get something with a cherry print but I just didn't find anything right. This dress meet all my requirements. The cut of this dress feels vintage and I really like the mermaid bottom and the puffed up sleeves. The dress itself is very modest and lady like, so it's a great option to wear to work or somewhere formal. I've decided to style it with vintage looking shoes because that seemed right, but you'll have the opportunity to see it styled again, because I'm not the type to wear something only once. You might have noticed that I wear all my clothes often.  I told you before that I don't have much experience with internet shopping. P