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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you? Today I'll show you twenty ways to wear a pair of heeled white sandals. You know I'm into sustainable fashion and one of the best ways to be more green is to make the most out of our closet. Anyhow, I purchased these white leather sandals with wood heels back in 2016. I was attracted to this pair immediately. What impressed me in particular was the unique heel design.  I got a lot of wear of this white pair. I always enjoy wearing these sandals because they are not only chic but also surprisingly comfortable. However, when one of the clasps broke, I retired these sandals. This summer I found them in my closet and decided to fix them and make them a part of my outfits again. I wore them quite a few times this summer already and I already have plans for incorporating them in my Autumn looks by layering them with socks, stockings and tights. Scroll down to see how I wore them this summer as well as to see some of my older styli