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Inspired by Jodie's Touch of Style: WATERCOLOUR FASHION ILLUSTRATION

Hello darlings! Happy Monday to you! I've been working on fashion illustrations for most of the day, so you could say I have had a productive Monday so far. In fact, I've prepared a new fashion painting for my Inspired by feature. If you're a regular reader, then you'd know that Inspired by is a regular feature on my blog that consists of my fashion illustrations of bloggers. During the years, I've illustrated many beautiful bloggers, such as Jessica WangJessi MalayFashionably IduPaola Lauretano, Selvaggia (better known as Francesca  Romana Capizzi), Silvia, Vale,  Rena and so on.
Today I've illustrated three ladies from Jodie's touch of style blog: Jodie, Nancy and Charlotte. I've actually illustrated Jodie and her moms before (last summer), you can see that post here. Today I've decided to paint a new fashion illustration of them, this time using watercolours. I ended up using coloured pencil for some finishing touches, so you could say thi…