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My embroidery (gold flowers on the dress)/ Moj vez (zlatni cvjetovi na haljini)

Dress/ Haljina: no name+ DIY, necklace: DIY, sneakers/ tenisice: umbro I'm really happy with how the embroidery on this dress turned out! I think I'm even a bit proud of myself. These gold  flowers complement the dress wonderfully. It's everything I wanted it to be so (in order to wear it more often) styling this dress  down by pairing it with sneakers seemed like a good idea... The dress will probably become a part of my daytime outfits as well. The occasion I wore it for was a weekend trip and this lovely location (you had the chance of seeing on this blog many many times) is river Buna near Mostar city, BIH. Jako sam zadovoljna sa time kako je ispao vez na ovoj haljini! Mislim da sam čak i malo ponosna na sebe. Zlatni izvezeni cvjetovi sjajno pristaju haljini. To je upravo ono što sam željela pa sam odlučila ovu haljinu učiniti ležernijom tako da ću je nositi sa tenisicima, to mi se činilo kao dobra ideja, a ta