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zucchini noodles( my recipe) / rezanci od tikvice (moj recept)

Playing with textures can be just as fun in kitchen as it is in fashion. I always like it when a dish is visually appealing so that is probably how I came up with this idea. I call it zucchini noodles because it kind of reminds me noodles and I eat it the same as I would eat noodles or spaghetti. Plus, chopping vegetables saves up cooking time and I get quite nervous if I'm hungry.To prepare this dish, you will need one potato, one zucchini, one egg and a bit of non fat cheese and tomato sauce (and about 20 minutes of your time).  Peel both the potato and the zucchini with a potato peeler, season it, add just a bit of tomato juice (one big spoon not more because the zucchini should dominate the overall taste) and place in an over set on 200 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes, then take it out, add the egg and leave it in the over for additional five minutes give or so (you all know how ovens can be different). This portion is for one person ( at