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Blue princess ( my fashion illustration of the day) / Plava princeza (moja modna ilustracija dana) 9.12.2016.

It is not a secret that blue is one of my favourite colours. In painting, I use it often. Today's painting is dominated by blue. The women depicted is not only wearing a blue dress, her hair is also blue. Is this a blue haired modern princess? Perhaps. They say that every girl wants to be a princess. Why not?  In one sense, we can all achieve it. In a sense of inner nobility. They teach us to be modest, not to dream big lest we get disappointed. Do you know what I have to say to that? That to love others, we also need to be peace with ourselves. We don't have to be into ourselves, we don't need to think we're the best thing ever, but we need to be wary of feeding our insecurities. There is a big difference between self-critique and self-loathing.  In other words, there is nothing wrong in dreaming. If we don't believe that we can be more than we are, how are we to become more? Nije tajna da mi je plava jedna od najdražih boja. U slikarstvu, često je koristim.

It's all about that flare ( Style We)

Let's talk about cropped flares. Have you ever tried wearing them? If you remember, I mentioned cropped and capri pants in my post yesterday. Then I said they are a great choice if you want to make your boots stand out more in these colder months. The same goes for shoes naturally. What ever type of shoe you choose to wear with capri and cropped trousers, you can be sure it will be in the spotlight. Now, I've always loved capris and I'm happy to see that flared capri pants are becoming a trend. Cropped flares  are nothing new to me. You saw me wear flared cropped pants at least a couple of times here on the blog. I love them but I have a confession to make. All those cropped flares I have and that I wear regularly are basically regular flares that look cropped on me. Because of my body shape (short torso as compared to legs), I often end up with pants that look cropped even when they're not. There is an expression for this in my hometown Split, we say you're miss