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Do it yourself / sam svoj majstor

Taking a little break from drawing to do a quick manicure because sometimes little things can mean  a lot. Besides, I like doing my own manicuras. DIY philosophy seems to be something I live by...In fact, the reason why my nails are shorter than usual because recently I've been devoting a large amount of my time to sewing, drawing and DIY projects. This outfit is pretty basic. I opted for it a few days ago when it was warm enough to wear short sleeves. I'm not ready for this sudden drop of temperature, but I can't complain because I did know that this freakish 'Summer weather in Autumn'  can't last forever.  Uzimam malu pauzu od crtanja da bi napravila brzu manikuru jer ponekad takve sitnice puno znače.  Ja zapravo volim sama sređivati svoje nokte. Čini mi se da mi odgovara sam svoj majstor filozofija. Štoviše, nokti su mi kraći nego obično jer sam u zadnje vrijeme još više posvetila svoje vrijeme šivanju, crtanju i "sam svoj majstor" projektima.