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When in Doubt, Wear a Bold Print! Cherry Print Dress For a Visit To Medjugorje!

This week I disappeared for a few days, sorry about that. It was an unplanned absence, as my aunt informed me (after seeing a specialist on my behalf but without me knowing) that I might need an operation. I had to travel to a capital of another country for operation consultations. 20 hours on the road in two days, 18 of which spent in a bus. As if having to go under the knife again isn't stressful enough. I'm still recovering from it. I hate road traffic. If it was up to me, I would sail or fly everywhere. Alas, sometimes you can't find a flight when you need it the most. I did manage to get everything done. I scheduled the operation in about a week's time. I also had to visit one of the Universities in the capital to have my voice recorded. I will have to go in for another session after my operation.  The operation I'm getting is called thyroplasty/phonosurgery. It is a surgical procedure to cure a paralyzed vocal cord. I've lived with a paralyzed vocal cor