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First of all, special thanks to my husband for taking these wonderful photographs. I have fallen in love with him about the same time I have fallen in love with Mostar city. So, I guess it is appropriate to thank both of them. Mostar city for proving me with a wonderful background to my outfit photographs and my husband for taking the photographs. I always repeat that Mostar city is such a beautiful city, certainly one of the most gorgeous cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I absolutely love how these outfit photographs came out. I quite like the outfit itself. It features some creative spring layering. I'm quite proud of myself for figuring out that I can wear this white tunics under one of my A-line dresses .  It's all about three colours: burgundy, black and white. Sure, there are other colours in this outfit that come in the shape of details on my tunics  (and a bit of pattern with the leopard heels ) but the focus is on these three colours. I think the combination of these