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When it gets cold........Kada zahladi..........

 What is your solution for those really cold days? I tend to fight the cold with layering and exposing as little skin as possible. That means scarves, gloves, caps, puffers and long coats....all those things I like to call full winter gear. Lately I've been quite enjoying this challenge of wearing as much clothes as humanly possible. This year (perhaps for the first time), I'm not at all impatient for the Spring to arrive but rather I'm enjoying this Winter. I'm not complaining about the wind (south or nothern) and I'm not bothered by the rain. If the night is too cold for a long evening walk, I have my fabulous book collection to rely on. Koje je vaše rješenje za one doista hladne dane? Ja se nosim s hladnoćom uz pomoć slojevitoga odijevanja i minimalnoga otkrivanja kože. To znači šalove, rukavice, kape, debele jakne i duge kapute...i sve te stvari koje volim zvati punom zimskog opremom.  U zadnje vrijeme poprilično uživam u tom izazovu nošenja što više odjeć