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I know I'm a bit late with my April recap, but as they say, better late than never. Typically when I do monthly recaps, I tend to talk a bit about everything. However, this time I'll just focus on fashion and outfits. I'll share with you a few outfits that I haven't had the chance to share before, as well as some of my last month's favourites. What has April taught me in terms of style? The most important thing could be summed up in one sentence: blazers are girl's best friends. I've been wearing blazers on every day basis in April. They're the perfect item for spring. I've possibly worn all blazers I own this April and I especially enjoyed styling my vintage ones. If you're looking for some inspiration for wearing blazers in spring, today you have came to the right place.  TARTAN BLAZER WORN WITH DENIM Bellow you can see a very typical April outfit, a denim skirt paired with a turtleneck and a tartan blazer. April has been quite tempera