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Ernest Hemingway: The Finca Vigia Edition (book review and recommendation+ my personal favourites)

Hello everyone! Today just a quick post. I would like to recommend this edition to you. It is known as 'The Finca Virgia edition'. As the title of it would suggests, it contains the complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway. The famous forty nine stories? They're all there. In addition, this book contains unfinished novels by Hemingway. So, it is a very complete edition, it even has a  foreword written by Hemingway's sons. I borrowed this edition from the library. I'm not sure will I buy it, because I have soooo many books, perhaps some day I will. I actually returned this book to the library before I managed to read it cover to cover. Basically, I didn't managed to read his unfinished writings, perhaps because I don't really like unfinished literary pieces- it feels too much like a teaser. I will have to read his unfinished novels some other time. I'm really happy I read almost all of his short stories because now I have a feeling that I got such a