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We are back in Mostar city, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I hope you don't mind me switching from one country to another. Regular readers of my blog know that I'm from Croatia but my husband is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We sort of live in both countries. There's no telling where we might spend the next week. I'm all about local travel and exploring the area I live in, I just happen to live in two countries. Anyhow, I'm taking you to a secret lake that not many know of or visit! I didn't know about it until my husband showed it to me. Now, I love coming here.   WHAT TO WEAR FOR HIKING IN THE SUMMER? Here you can see me wearing a sensible hiking outfit suitable for summer weather. Once again, I shopped my closet. Last time I wore  this white ruffled tunics  was in this post when I layered it under the dress. This time I tucked it into a maxi gypsy skirt (last worn  here  in April). I finished the look with no name sneak