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The importance of drinking water / Važnost pijenja vode

Don't forget to drink water. If you forget to drink water (or other fluids), you will become dehydrated and this usually triggers headaches (not to mention other health problems and complications). I know we all know this but it is good to be reminded sometimes. Our brains are eighteen percent water, so when our brain tissue lacks water, it literally  shrinks and this is what causes dehydration headaches. Often when someone says to me they have a headache, I asked them whether they tried drinking a glass of water. Many said this little tip of mine helped them. There are many other causes for headaches but many people do suffer from dehydration headaches and never realize that what helped them was not the pain killer they took, but the glass of water they drank while taking that pill. I'm not a health fanatic nor am I against taking painkillers, but it is better to avoid taking them when we can. These photographs that show me and my significant other enjoying a cup of coff