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Wearing sporty items on every day basis is quite a common sight these days. Active wear fashion is quite a trend. Gym outfits are often featured on inspirational boards. Considering that an average person can definitely benefit from being more physically active, perhaps that is not a bad thing. Can good active wear inspire us to be more physically active? Well, never underestimate a power of a cute outfit. On the other hand, I often wear dresses for hiking, so I can't say that wearing something fancy has ever stopped me from being physically active. The only thing that sometimes gets into way of my love for sports and outdoor activities is an active case of Chron disease (with almost no remission during more than a decade) but that's another story. Long story short, I do exercise when I can and I still like the gym outfit trend, but sometimes I also like to get dressed up. I'd probably get bored of sporty outfits if I wore them on every day basis. Combining casual and dre…