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Sporty style (outfit post)/ Sportski stil (odjevna kombinacija)

Don't you just love when you can feel both comfortable and stylish? This dress does that for me. I always feel dressed up when I wear it, even when I pair it with sneakers, as I have done yesterday. I really like this little dress...You might have noticed that I like stripes. Right now I'm on a self imposed shopping ban, so it is really fun to find out how much I can follow the trends without buying new clothes... The temperatures have been high these last few days, making my outfits more summer than spring appropriate. I usually take a jacket with me, just to be on the safe side, but there is never the need to wear it during the day. Yes, it's really warm during the day. Not that I'm complaining, I feel most comfortable when the temperatures are almost desert like. Zar nije divno kad se možete osjećati i udobno i dotjerano, kako se ja uvijek osjećam u ovoj haljini, čak i kad sam u patikama (tenisicama) još uvijek se osjećam sređeno. Stvarno mi se sviđa ov