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The Art of Layering a Summer Dress: Ivana's Guide For Easy Summer Layering (Part 1)

So, you've always wanted to layer in the summer. Boy, you've come to the right place! Let's start this ride with a fairy-tale. My favourite  fashion kind of fairy-tale. A girl meets a dress. ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A PERFECT SUMMER DRESS Once there was a perfect yellow dress. It was made of cotton and felt very comfortable to wear. Ivana fell in love in that dress and wore it all the time. It looked perfect worn on its own. It was simply the perfect summer dress. Yellow is the colour of summer, isn't it? Soon, however, Ivana decided that she wants to spice things up a bit and find other ways to wear that yellow dress. She wanted to layer it. How does one layer a yellow summer dress? Why, there are a number of options! Layering in summer,  can be a bit more tricky but it is by no means impossible. When weather is hot and sunny, we feel the impulse to simplify things. Nothing wrong with that. Layering is something we connect with the warmer mon