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Hello readers and fellow bloggers! Today I will share a review of a novel The Sky is Red by Italian writer Giuseppe Berto. Published in 1947, this novel is set in Italy during the Second World War period. Focused on a group of orphans trying to survive the war on their own terms, this novel is a difficult but rewarding read. I would describe it as an accomplished work of literature.  The last book I reviewed was The Diary of Anna Frank , another book set in this historical period. That was a diary while  The Sky is Red is a novel, but children and adolescents are in the center of both so I couldn't help comparing them in my mind. The war period is always the hardest for children, especially when they have to be separated from their friends and/or family. I think it is important to always respect the victim and to understand that in World World II there were human causalities and civilian lives lost on all sides. The loss of human life is always tragic, no matter on what side it h


Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. Today I will reveal a new painting. It's a seascape and the medium used is acrylic paints on mixed media paper. Can you guess what inspired it? Why, again it's island Hvar. Yes, it's time for another post in TRAVEL WITH MY ART SERIES. As the title would imply, I started this series so that I could take you places with my art. Sharing photographs is a great thing, but actually painting a certain location somehow feels more special.  I'm often told I have a good eye for taking photographs, but I'm definitely more a painter than a photographer. So, sharing my paintings and illustrations of different places seems like a lovely thing to do. Besides,  you guys seems to enjoy them too. My last post was devoted to bay Lozna  on island Hvar . This post will be devoted to bay Veprinova. So, let's get started.  TRAVEL WITH MY ART SERIES- LINKS! #1 PALERMO ISLAND SICILY (ITALY) #2 BAY MALA STINIVA, ISLAND HVAR (CROATIA) #3 IRKUTSK, SI


 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Thank you for all your kind messages on my last post. As anticipated, I was discharged from the hospital Monday and I'm doing alright. Life goes on. Today I will share a review of a very special book. It's one of best known and widely read autobiographies: Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl (as it is sometimes known in English translation) or simply The Diary of Anne Frank.   You can read her diary online here.   If you want to find out more about Anne Frank, there is a lot of information and research that can be found easily on the Internet. What I will share today will be my own review of this famous and celebrated (rightfully so!) diary. I've been meaning to read this book for years, but someone I've never got around to it. I've been wanting to buy a copy for quit some time and one where funds would be donated to a good charity. I finally found it being sold on behalf of a charity for visually impaired  last March, so

In Hospital

 Hi guys! I'm currently in hospital because of complications related to my Chron disease. I was  admitted two days ago  and  I  will probably be discharged by Monday. Still, it will depend on my test results. I've felt better ever since I received blood transfusions yesterday. Hopefully, I will be out soon. For better or worse, I have a lot of experience with hospitalizations, so I adapt easily enough to them. What must be done, must be done. When you live with an immune and chronic illness, you have to learn to be patiented, disciplined and strong. Thank you for stopping by. 


Hello readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Today I will show you forty- five ways to style a plastic yellow bag. I told you I wear this bag often enough for it to be considered a sustainable piece in my wardrobe. However,  telling is one thing and showing it is another. So, this evening I have spent more than 2 hours behind the screen of my laptop, going through old outfits published on my blog. Guess what? I managed to find 45 outfits with this yellow bag. I'm sure I could find a few more if I continued looking but I think three hours is more than enough time spent putting together a post, don't you? Not that I consider it lost time. Going through my old posts, I revived a lot of memories. Isn't it amazing that I have been blogging since 2012? That's almost a decade of continuous posting. I've had this yellow bag since 2014 so that's quite some time. I'm not sure what is the real number of times I have worn it because I don't document all of