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How To Make a Straw Bag From Things You Already Have at Home?

Today I'm sharing a blog post that has been in my archives for quite some time. I tend to prepare blog posts with DIY projects (arts & crafts) when I have the time to put them together. It so happened that I forgot about this one. I'm posting itnow because I believe it's simply perfect for summer. I hope you will find it enjoyable. This project is about making a straw bag from a regular fabric bag (you can also use a tote bag). I'm happy to finally share this project with you.  This is actually a very simple DIY. It won't take a lot of your time and it doesn't require advanced sewing skills or anything like that.  All you need for this DIY project: 1. A bag made from a material you can sew through (preferably a bag made of some kind of fabric) 2. Straw table mat ( if you don't have it at home you can buy it in most stores) 3. Needle and thread (so you can saw the table mat onto the bag) The idea of this DIY is that is only temporary. Once


 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! I'm sharing another article about beautiful Biograd town. I published the f irst part of  Biograd post yesterday. Today I'll share more photographs and impressions from my stay in Biograd na Moru (official site of this lovely seaside town  here ). My husband and I visited it earlier this June. We've been meaning to go there for a while because there are still some relatives living there that my husband hasn't met yet. So, we finally decided to go when my husband saw a discount on Croatian travel site called Crno jaje . This Croatian site specializes in giving and finding local travelling deals & discounts. The way it functions is that you print their code, voucher or whatever it is offering you some deal and then you can check in hotels and private accommodation in Croatia for a more affordable prince. We opted for apartments Dina (just sharing, nothing in this post is sponsored in any way nor are there any affiliate links).


Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. Today I'm taking you to a small Croatian seaside city- Biograd na Moru. Quite a long name for a city. Literally translated it means- a white city on the sea. It's a Mediterranean pearl of a city for sure. Located in immediate vicinity of Zadar city, it is a great place to spend one's vacation. Apart from  its history and culture, Biograd na Moru is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine.  There are many wonderful restaurants there. Our stay was quite short, so we tried only two of them but we enjoyed our dinning experience there. You can find more information about this touristic city on its official site Biograd na Moru.  Scroll bellow to read more about our stay in this wonderful coastal town.  WE SURE ENJOYED OUR VISIT AND I FOUND INSPIRATION FOR MORE BOAT PAINTINGS! We thoroughly enjoyed our walk in the marine. What a great place for a boat lover! You  know that I'm a boat lover because I keep painting boats. Mo


Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Today I will show you a fun outfit I wore for walk by Radobolja river in Mostar. As most of the time, I was in company of my husband (who as always was only happy to take my outfit photographs). Am I not a lucky girl? I enjoyed wearing this outfit. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. Moreover, I think yellow is simply the ideal colour for summer . If there is one colour that screams summer to me, it's yellow. So, it is not surprising that I reached for this yellow jumpsuit again. The pattern on this jumpsuit is so pretty! I have paired it with a navy jacket with flared sleeves. I just adore ruffled and flares sleeves. To me, these kind of jackets look so feminine. I finished this look with a mini bag and a pair of heeled white mules. I felt very pretty and dressed up in this styling.  A great thing about jumpsuits is that they are easy to dress up and down. For example, if I have chosen to wear sneakers, then the vibe of


 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today it's Friday and that means it's time for me to share another fashion illustration. As you know, FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY is a regular feature on my blog, one that enables me to share my fashion illustrations on a regular basis.  Today I'm sharing an acrylic sketch with you. It is both a fashion and a location illustration. I was inspired by a cherry print dress I wore for a walk to Vrboska last summer. I don't often do fashion illustrations with acrylics, but sometimes I enjoy using this medium for depiction of clothes. This was just a quick sketch, I didn't work on the details much but I think it turned out alright. If you scroll down, you'll be able to see the reference photograph (from last summer) that I used.  I changed up the dress a little bit, I made it red with blue details.  Isn't it lovely that summer is finally here? Here is more summer inspired art. I made collages with some of my other summer fa


Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today I have another TRAVEL WITH MY ART post to share with you. Once again, it's a seascape painting depicting island Hvar. What can I say? I love the Adriatic sea and island Hvar so much. It is an infinite source of inspiration for me.  Last time I shared a canvas painting of Zavala on island Hvar. The location I'm sharing today is once again island Hvar, but this time it is Sucuraj. This is actually my second painting of this place. I sold the first painting of Sucuraj but this new one is available for sale (in case everyone is interested). I often take the ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj, so that particular landscape is engraved in my mind. I just love seeing the beautiful white stone lighting house that marks the beginning of island Hvar for me.  Some of you might remember that I spent one weekend in May on island Hvar. Well, I haven't visited island Hvar this summer yet but I painted it! THE MEDIUM FOR THE PAINTING  The medium for