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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today I'll show you two outfits, both featuring the same pair of white heeled sandals. I've had this pair of sandals for years and they're simply the perfect summer shoe. I blogged about 20 ways to wear this pair last summer .  I'm happy to report that I'm over 30 documented wears with this white pair. You may see the most recent wear  here . Another fashion thing I will talk about is beach outfits. I will show you two outfits I wore to the beach while we were vacationing in Biograd na Moru recently. My reason for visiting this beautiful city was family related, but we also enjoyed our stay. We definitely felt as a pair of properly happy tourists while we were there.   Visit Biograd na Moru tourist site for more information about this amazing Croatian seaside city.  OUTFIT #1: A CHERRY PRINT DRESS AND WHITE SANDALS You can never go wrong with a cute cherry print dress. I have a few cherry print dresses actually. This one is f


 Hello dear readers and bloggers! Happy first day of Summer! You know what? I have just the perfect summer destination to share with you. Today I'm taking you to wetland nature park Hutovo blato (link to the official site here ). I have blogged many times about this nature park and I will probably blog about it again. I visit it all year round, but summer is possibly the best time to visit it because you can really enjoy the boat ride. It is one of my favourite spots in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  In case you want to know more about this place, I will leave you with links to my older posts bellow. My outfit was all about being comfortable but feeling stylish at the same time. I choose to wear a striped cap for additional sun protection. During summer, a pair of sunglasses is a must and so are light clothes. I wore my trusted  white tunics, pepita short and driving loafers.  MY PREVIOUS VISITS TO HUTOVO BLATO:  NATURE PARK HUTOVO BLATO AUGUST (SUMMER) 2020  HUTOVO BLATO (SUMMER)


Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How's life treating you? Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer and I couldn't be more happy about it. I think we'll all in a need of a relaxing summer. What do you say? Anyhow, today I have another fabulous destination in Croatia to share with you. Being a tourist in your own area being my specialty and all that. I love to travel locally. The local destination of the day is Pirovac, a picturesque seaside village with amazing views. This place has quite an interesting history. I must admit that I wasn't familiar with it, but with the help of Internet I learned some interesting facts. Apparently this settlement dates back to the middle ages. It was first mentioned in the 13th century documents as belonging to a noble Croatian family Šubić, closely related to medival Croatian kings Dmitar Zvonimir and Petar Krešimir the fourth. Moreover, this area was foothold of Templar Kings. To find out more about Pirovac, visit the offic


 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Life seems to be coming back to normal slowly. Today I'll show you what I wore for a wedding in Herzegovina. The wedding was held in agricultural hotel and country house Marića Gaj. The wedding reception was a bit different because of the restrictions, but it all went well. My outfit was quite simple. You know what they say- when in doubt, wear a little black dress.  I wore a black A-line dress and a pair of leopard heels . I finished the look with a small black bag and a pair of earrings. Once again, I shopped my closet for this look.  HOW I STYLED THIS DRESS BEFORE? 11 WAYS TO STYLE A LBD   I actually wore  this cocktail dress  a few posts ago (remember the outfit where I layered a white tunics under it). I got about eleven wears from it so far, not bad considering I had it for about two years. I'm sure I'll get to 30 wears eventually. It is one of those dresses that are easy to style up and down. When I want to


We are back in Mostar city, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I hope you don't mind me switching from one country to another. Regular readers of my blog know that I'm from Croatia but my husband is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We sort of live in both countries. There's no telling where we might spend the next week. I'm all about local travel and exploring the area I live in, I just happen to live in two countries. Anyhow, I'm taking you to a secret lake that not many know of or visit! I didn't know about it until my husband showed it to me. Now, I love coming here.   WHAT TO WEAR FOR HIKING IN THE SUMMER? Here you can see me wearing a sensible hiking outfit suitable for summer weather. Once again, I shopped my closet. Last time I wore  this white ruffled tunics  was in this post when I layered it under the dress. This time I tucked it into a maxi gypsy skirt (last worn  here  in April). I finished the look with no name sneak