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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How's life treating you? Today I'll share a casual outfit with you. Something perfect for those late summer evenings when it's still warm but not as warm as it was a bit earlier in the summer. In other words, for those times you want some layers. Wearing a dress with jeans is something I always enjoyed doing. Mixing something as practical as jeans with other clothing items is a great way to dress those items down. Is there anything more basic than jeans? Is there anything better for summer than a dress? So, why not mix the two together? Layering dresses in the summer is a topic I already blogged about in the past (read about it  here  ,  here  and  here ), so I won't go into depth. Let's just say that I have a great collection of summer outfits that incorporate differerent ways of layering a summer dress.  I prefer dresses to jeans most of the time. However, the idea of joining the two was always attractive to me.  Maybe becau